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A War Ready for Prime Time

by Brian Jaudon 04-01-1991

Limiting press coverage and public perception

When A Tree Falls In The Forest …

by Brian Jaudon 11-01-1990

Environmentalists, loggers, and the timber industry in Northern California -- and the rest of the Pacific Northwest -- are waging a battle for the future

Making Their Own History

by Brian Jaudon 06-01-1990

Salvadorans strive for 'true democracy' as negotiations begin

With Heart and Hands

Living in God's covenant on a farm

The Brutality of El Salvador's 'Democracy'

by Brian Jaudon 07-01-1989

Daniel Sanchez, a Spanish priest now serving in El Salvador, in many ways embodies the spirit of the Salvadoran people. 

Metanoia: Changing Hearts in the Deep South

by Brian Jaudon 06-01-1989
A Community of Faith Responds to Trident

Pulling the Plug on Nuclear Power

by Brian Jaudon 03-01-1989

The accident at Three Mile Island on March 28, 1979, was followed by a decade of decline for the nation's nuclear power industry.

In the Shadow of the Bomb

by Brian Jaudon 01-01-1989

Ever since the clandestine Manhattan Project began in 1942, when America's brightest scientists were recruited by the U.S. government to design and build the first nuclear bomb.

A Land of Danger and Hope

by Brian Jaudon 11-01-1988

A Firsthand Account from El Salvador.