Brandi Miller is a campus minister and spends her time deconstructing white supremacy in evangelical spaces and exploring the role of practical theology in racial justice. You can follow her at or on twitter at @brandinico.

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Want to End Mass Shootings? Start With Toxic Masculinity

by Brandi Miller 02-07-2019

Because the violence of the past was so bad, supposed lesser forms of violence seem less worthy of deconstruction. Toxic masculinity and gun violence are fruits of the same legacy. While it is much easier now to say that slavery and genocide were evils, we have failed to cut them off at their roots, the roots that reek of manipulated biblical texts, hyper masculine domination, and antiquated assumptions about gender. We cannot expect that simply acknowledging the events that resulted from toxic masculinity in the past will deconstruct the assumptions and values that created it to begin with.

Jesus’ Truth Has Hands and Feet

by Brandi Miller 04-17-2017

The people writing, preaching, and claiming to know how to interpret "the" truth were almost entirely cisgender heterosexual white men in positions of authority in religious communities.