Bob Sabath

Director of Web and Digital Technology

Bob Sabath is a founding member of Sojourners—one of the seminarians at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School that began the magazine with Jim Wallis in 1971. Over the years, Bob has provided expertise in database construction and other computer skills to the Sojourners community as well as contributing spiritual insights through many articles in the magazine. Bob lives with his wife Jackie in Mt. Rainier, MD.


Posts By This Author

Hearing Heart to Heart

by Bob Sabath 10-01-1980

A theological conference on prayer.

Guided By the Spirit - And A Few Books

by Bob Sabath 08-01-1980

Resources for community building.

Crucible of Community

A dialogue on Sojourners' shaping.

The Community of Celebration and Its Renewal Ministry

by Bob Sabath 07-01-1976

A brightly colored bus turned the corner into a narrow one-way street in a congested residential area of Washington D.C.

Creating Christian Family

An Interview with Graham Pulkingham

Community with the Poor in Washington DC

by Bob Sabath 03-01-1976

From our office window, just three blocks down Vermont Avenue, the White House is clearly visible -- a symbol of the most powerful nation on earth.

The Continental Walk

by Bob Sabath 02-01-1976

“We believe that disarmament is the greatest and most urgent challenge facing humanity.”

Fear Only God

by Bob Sabath 05-01-1974

Two commonly misunderstood motifs in Romans 13 and the other passages of direct teaching on the state are "submission" and "honor."

Paul's View of the State

by Bob Sabath 04-01-1974

Few passages of scripture have been as consistently misused and misunderstood as Romans 13. 

The Bible and the Poor

by Bob Sabath 02-01-1974