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Jesus as Pharisee?

by Bob Blackburn 03-07-2014

While appreciating Brian McLaren’s insightful article on Jesus’ teaching about hell, I am respectfully concerned about his treatment of the Pharisees. Accusing the Pharisees of despising, depriving, and excluding many of their neighbors—including prostitutes and tax collectors—inadvertently supports the stereotype of Pharisees as being self-righteous hypocrites.

Limits to Compassion

by Bob Blackburn 12-01-2007

With deference to Alexia Salvatierra (“Sacred Refuge,” September-October 2007), I do not believe that our current laws regarding “illegal aliens” (securing our borders, pena

The Morning After

by Bob Blackburn 03-01-2001
THE EXIT POLLS ("Between the Lines," January-February 2001) taken on the morning after the election were most revealing.