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Iraqi Christians in Detroit Are Being Threatened with Deportation. Here’s What You Should Know.

by Ben Irwin 06-15-2017

Image via Preemptive Love Coalition

It’s hard enough for somebody who has a lifetime of experience navigating how to be a Christian in Iraq. But most of those facing deportation have no such experience. They don’t have a support network in Iraq. They don’t have homes or families to return to. They don’t even have IDs. Everything they know is in America.

6 Things You Need to Know About the Battle for Fallujah

by Matthew Willingham, by Ben Irwin 06-08-2016

Photo courtesy Preemptive Love Coalition

Today, a battle is underway to liberate Fallujah from ISIS. The humanitarian crisis is growing each day — with thousands of families trapped and running out of food.

Here are six things you need to know about Fallujah and where the situation rests today.