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Rev. Aurelia Dávila Pratt is the author of A Brown Girl’s Epiphany: Reclaim Your Intuition and Step Into Your Power. Named by Sojourners as one of “Ten Christian Women Shaping the Church in 2022,” she is also the Lead Pastor of Peace of Christ Church in Round Rock, Texas. Find her on Instagram @revaureliajoy where she is reimagining faith and theology via spoken and written word.

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The Goal of Church Isn't To Keep People in the Pews

by Aurelia Dávila Pratt 09-13-2022

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Because being Catholic was not the norm in my community, I was often teased about our non-contemporary music and the liturgy, and I was accused of worshiping Mary. Mostly, I was told over and over again that I wasn’t a Christian. The latter happened all the way through college. I was so boggled by this because I knew I had what the Baptists liked to call a personal relationship with God. Yet I was told by children and adults alike that it wasn’t valid if it didn’t fit their formula.