Rev. Aric Clark is a Presbyterian minister and co-moderator of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. He is host of the youtube channel LectionARIC. He lives in Portland, Ore.

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Our Climate Salvation Will Be Collective

by Abby Mohaupt, by Aric Clark 04-25-2017

Salvation cannot remain an individualized spiritualized concept. When the psalmists called out for salvation, they meant salvation from present suffering and danger. When the crowd shouted “Hosanna” at Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, they weren’t referring to the afterlife. When we talk about salvation in the context of our warming climate, we mean deliverance from the most destructive force our species has ever faced. When it comes to climate change, we have to think about community and salvation in a global sense. We must start to recognize that our communities are mutually dependent upon each other.

Dressing for a Funeral

by Aric Clark, by Abby Mohaupt 03-02-2017

The years ahead of us will be the most challenging our species has ever faced. For many of the other species that share this planet with us — and for some of our own people — it will be too much to survive. Dressing for a funeral doesn’t begin to prepare our hearts for this kind of devastation.