Andy Shallal is an artist and the entrepreneur behind Busboys and Poets and Eatonville, restaurants in Washington, D.C.

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Building Better Business DNA

by Andy Shallal 08-10-2011

Being a socialentrepreneur used to be a lonely endeavor. I grew up believing that to be in business meant leaving your soul at the front door -- being ruthless, shrewd, and above all focused on profitability at any cost. But as a businessman, I found myself less interested in the bottom line of profit than in the bottom line of community impact. For example, I started Busboys and Poets as a restaurant and gathering place, but also a social enterprise -- a business with a conscience -- in Washington, D.C.'s U Street neighborhood.

Having grown up in D.C., I was amazed at the dramatic changes that swept various neighborhoods in the 1990s. The U Street corridor in particular was undergoing some of the most vivid transformation.

Building a Better Company

by Andy Shallal 08-01-2011

The B Corporation model puts social and environmental responsibility into companies' legal DNA.