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With a Political Deal on the Horizon, Hondurans Seek a Real Plan for the Future

by Andrew Clouse 11-02-2009
Friday morning, Hillary Clinton praised what she called "an historic agreement" between de facto President Roberto Micheletti and deposed President Manuel Zelaya.

Zelaya in Brazilian Embassy: Honduran Forces May Seek His Arrest After Breaking Up Protests

by Andrew Clouse 09-22-2009
We've just received this update regarding ousted president Manuel Zelaya's return to Honduras:

Zelaya Returns: But How Will Honduras Move Forward?

by Andrew Clouse 09-21-2009
Earlier this morning Radio Globo -- a pro-resistance radio source -- broke the news that Manuel "Mel" Zelaya, the deposed president of Honduras, has arrived in Tegucigalpa and was calling his suppo