Aly Colόn is the John S. and James L. Knight Professor of Media Ethics at Washington and Lee University in Virginia and has worked as a journalist for more than 30 years.

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Fake News in the Garden of Eden

by Aly Colón 01-02-2018
News shapes our perceptions of society. Deception incarcerates us.

THE EXPLOSION OF “fake news” creates a conundrum for Christians: How do Christians determine what news is fake and what news is true?

Knowing the difference matters. It affects how Christians perceive the world. It helps them decide the impact news will have in their faith walk. It addresses their freedom to act upon what they believe is true.

Some, in the public at large, already believe they know what’s fake and what’s not. One national poll, for example, found that 46 percent of those contacted believe that major news organizations “fabricate stories” about the president and his administration. Another 37 percent didn’t; 17 didn’t know.

Why would such a high percentage of people think that news is made up when it involves the president? One reason: They don’t believe any news that contradicts their view of the president. And why would the president label certain news fake? He doesn’t agree with it, or believes his view is the only true one.