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by Abayea Pelt 02-01-2012

Human trafficking happens around the world -- and right down the street. A Washington, D.C. organization works to save girls from dangers close to home.

Songs of Funk and Freedom

by Abayea Pelt 09-01-2010
The ArchAndroid, by Janelle MonĂ¡e, Atlantic Records.

Fighting Tears as the Election Approaches

by Abayea Pelt 11-03-2008
I have been fighting tears for the past few days. And as Tuesday draws closer it becomes harder and harder to keep those tears at bay.

Wall Street Trader Becomes a Monk

by Abayea Pelt 10-03-2008

Sacred Materialism

by Abayea Pelt 06-27-2008

As a convert to Orthodox Christianity, I have come to appreciate the strong connection in our tradition between spirituality and creation. Many of our great feasts, minor celebrations, and daily prayers involve joining prayer, blessing, and the material world. Unlike Western Christians who remember the three kings on Jan. 6, 13 days after Christmas we celebrate Theophany, the feast of the baptism of Christ in the Jordan. Part of this feast includes blessing water in our churches or [...]

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

by Abayea Pelt 12-06-2007

As you all encounter pictures of "jolly, old St. Nick" this season, remember that St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was a real Christian hero. He spent his life working for freedom and justice for the poor and powerless. In particular, he is known for saving three women from being sold into prostitution and preventing the execution of three men who were wrongfully convicted.