Weekly Wrap 9.28.18: The 10 Best Stories Your Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 9.28.18: The 10 Best Stories Your Missed This Week

1. 100 Sermons on Sexual and Domestic Violence

Today, Sojourners launched a searchable database of powerful sermons and other resources on how to talk and preach about sexual and domestic violence in your church. Share it with your pastor or faith community.

2. What Do Survivors Need to Hear Today?

Start here: “You are beloved.” “You will recover.” “God is with you.”

3. Blocking Poor Immigrants Could Be Very Costly

“Worse health outcomes, especially among pregnant women. A jump in emergency room usage. More communicable diseases. Higher poverty and housing instability, including among U.S. citizen children. Lower productivity. Reduced educational attainment. And ‘downstream and upstream impacts on state and local economies, large and small businesses, and individuals.’ What are all these terrible things? They’re all potential consequences of a new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rule—according to DHS itself.”

4. A Latinx Theology Reading List

Twitter can be a wonderful place: Check out this essential reading list for Hispanic Heritage Month, curated by some of the top Latinx faith voices ... via a lovely Twitter thread.

5. What Draws Women to a Religion That Says Men Should Be in Charge?

“This is the push-and-pull of the evangelical woman: Believing in the basic rightness of a hierarchy that puts men at the top of the church and family; pushing at every boundary for more opportunities as a modern woman.”

6. Churches Must Talk About Cultural Humility Instead of Cultural Competency

“My encounter with the concept of cultural humility helped me realize why I automatically felt fully culturally competent considering my background. Having this false notion led me to hurt many people in my interactions with other cultures.”

7. What We Knew About Date Rape Then, and What We Know Now

Only 3 percent of women in the 1980s who were assaulted reported the incident to police.

8. Why the Opioid Crisis in a Remote State in India Requires the Church’s Intervention

Officials in Mizoram, India realized that efforts to address the state’s opioid crisis would not be successful until they engaged the church.

9. Taking My Kids to Disney World Helped Me Grieve After My Father’s Death

A beautiful story of caretaking and grief: “We were all focused on the kids, but I wasn’t just going through the motions for their sake. I felt seen and even strangely, tenderly cared-for while we were there—as if I’d stepped into a world where, at least temporarily, nothing terrible could reach me or the people I loved. It was a blessed relief to fall into bed each night, exhausted and footsore, and sleep soundly until morning for the first time since my dad died.”

10. #MeToo Founder Tarana Burke: ‘Jesus Was the First Activist I Knew

“My professional life is motivated by my personal life. My personal life is grounded in my faith. You can’t do this kind of work without being grounded in a faith that showed possibilities. Christianity is, really, when you take away all the pomp and circumstance, it’s about hope and possibility.”