Weekly Wrap 8.24.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 8.24.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. The Victims of Climate Change Are Already Here

“From the poor people in Vieques, Puerto Rico, who still face uncertain medical care and unstable electricity after Maria, to black and Latino communities severed from dialysis services in Houston during Harvey, if there’s anything the current climate regime tells us, it’s that vulnerable populations are already in trouble.”

2. The Church Is Watching: Protecting the Vote in 2018

Learn how your church can get involved in the midterms.

3. When a Baby’s Health Hangs on the Mother’s Zip Code

“… a black woman is two to three times more likely to die from one of the complications than a white woman with the same condition.”

4. Oh God, When Trust Is Shattered

A hymn for survivors.

5. Do Police Shield White Nationalists While Targeting Counter-Protesters?

“Even when Black Lives Matter activists gather to peacefully protest in the name of justice, the police response seems to lean towards being confrontational and antagonistic rather than maintaining the peace.”

6. Stop Using Potiphar’s Wife to Discredit Survivors

“The villain of Genesis 39 is less a lying woman than it is the social and political structures that enable human predators.”

7. 5 Ways Communities Are Coping with Climate Anxiety

The impacts of climate change are affecting our mental health. Here’s what some are doing about it.

8. Trump’s Clean Energy Plan Replacement a ‘Death Sentence’ for Thousands, Say Faith Leaders

“America should not be made a sacrifice zone just to prop up a dying energy sector.”

9. Research Tells Us That Immigration Does Not Lead to Higher Crime Rates

Overwhelmingly, studies prove that immigration does not lead to higher crime rates; if anything, it may actually reduce them. Here are some of the studies informing this consensus.

10. Verizon Throttled California Firefighters’ Internet Speeds Amid Blaze (They Were Out of Data)

In a statement on Tuesday, Verizon said it had “made a mistake in how we communicated with our customer about the terms of its plan.”