Weekly Wrap 8.23.19: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 8.23.19: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. The Toxic Back Story to the Charge That Jews Have a Dual Loyalty

President Trump’s comment this week that Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal echoes an anti-Semitic trope that has persisted for centuries.

2. Church Leaders, Like Politicians, Must Shift the Dominant Narrative on Poverty

How can those who follow a Messiah who experienced poverty and homelessness feel so negatively about those living in poverty today?

3. Against the New Nationalism

A true culture of life welcomes the stranger, embraces the orphan, and binds the wounds of all who are our neighbors.

4. Fear is the Slaveholder Religion's Tool of Control

For 400 years, slaveholder religion has told people who look like me to be afraid of black political power.

5. A Stripper and Pastor in Oregon Team Up to Raise Money for Children in Wake of Mississippi ICE Raid

The pair said they decided to start an initiative called the "Our Kids Charity Campaign," and used the hashtag #SinnersAndSaints to promote the campaign.

6. New Trump Rule Targets Working Class Immigrants Under the Guise of 'Self-Sufficiency'

The Trump Administration has just taken its most consequential step to date to limit avenues to legal migration and permanent resident status in the United States.

7. Why Some Christians ‘Love the Meanest Parts’ of Trump

The writer Ben Howe grew up in the world of conservative evangelicalism. When he looks at the religious right now, all he sees is a thirst for power and domination.

8. These Latina Authors Have Reimagined Faith, Joy, and Suffering

Sandra Cisneros and Erika Sanchez express joy when discussing the messiness of being human.

9. The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Is Here to Save America

The salt, the fat, the sharpness, the softness — together, the elements of the sandwich are so perfectly balanced that they meld into one another to form a new, entirely coherent whole.

10. The Religious Dimensions of Toni Morrison's Literature

Although Catholic, the range in which Morrison wrote about her character’s religious and spiritual beliefs were not confined to her own practices but to a larger and diverse picture of black life.