Weekly Wrap 8.16.19: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 8.16.19: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. An Unholy Alliance: Statecraft and Islamophobia in South Asia

Far from being isolated instances of divisive policy, Assam and Kashmir are first indications of the BJP’s ultimate aim to create a nation exclusively for Hindus.

2. Introducing The 1619 Project

American slavery began 400 years ago. The New York Times is observing the anniversary with an entire issue rethinking U.S. history.

3. The Sacredness of the Earth as She Is

As we continue to enter deeper into the crisis of climate change, into the reality of human rights abuses and eruptions of violence happening not just here but all over the world, perhaps we need to take a different approach in our relationship to one another and our creature-relatives all over the earth.

4. The Case That Made an Ex-ICE Attorney Realize the Government Was Relying on False “Evidence” Against Migrants

Years after quitting her job as an attorney for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Laura Peña returned to the fight — defending migrants she’d once prosecuted. Then, a perplexing family separation case forced her to call upon everything she’d learned

5. Singing 'Amor Eterno' Feels Different Now

It has become a standard that is played at funerals, wakes, get-togethers, and even restaurants across the U.S., Mexico, and the world to remember family and loved ones who have passed away.

6. How Trump Is Reversing Obama's Non-Discrimination Legacy

A new rule would allow federal contractors to make hiring and firing decisions based on their religious beliefs and practices.

7. The Burden of Staying Alive in Puerto Rico

Paul wrote to early Christians that God intends them to be free. We hear constant reminders of the freedom that we have as Americans and the price that has been paid for our freedoms, but what does freedom really mean? Does our current medical system embody freedom?

8. Sister Helen Prejean On Witnessing Executions: 'I Couldn't Let Them Die Alone'

The Catholic nun became an outspoken opponent of the death penalty following the events in her book Dead Man Walking. Her new memoir, River of Fire, details her spiritual journey up to that point.

9. ‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco’ and Loving a Complicated City

The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a film of operatic intensity, poetic emotion, political clarity, and a touch of magic realism.

10. How Wonderful to Watch Simone Biles' Defiant Joy

Biles has made history yet again – and has every reason to celebrate.

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