Weekly Wrap 7.3.20: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 7.3.20: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. Good Intentions Can’t Redeem Voluntary Ignorance

The moral question is not what we meant to do.

2. Meet the Dominican Nuns Who Created Their Own Climate Solutions Fund

16 congregations of Dominican nuns recently debuted a collaboration with Morgan Stanley to create a $130 million climate solutions fund.

3. Whiteness Ruthlessly Lies

Before I learned my town’s true history, I cared about racial justice.

4. That Better America for Everyone: Talking to Representative Ilhan Omar

Representative Ilhan Omar talks about a past that led her to stand up for New Americans and embrace the challenges of American democracy.

5. Where Do You Situate Yourself in the Fight?

Whether their blood cries out from Valdosta Ga., or the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison, their cries cannot go unanswered.

6. The Separation of Church and State Is Breaking Down Under Trump

Religious groups are getting special treatment from the government’s pandemic-relief efforts.

7. The Struggle for Voting Rights Has Not Ended

Good Trouble is a timely and deeply moving film, particularly in this moment of national awakening and reckoning around police violence and systemic racism, and as we approach what feels like the most consequential election in my lifetime.

8. What Frederick Douglass Had to Say About Monuments

In a newly discovered letter, the famed abolitionist wrote that ‘no one monument could be made to tell the whole truth.’

9. The Black Faith Leaders at the Forefront of Public Health Crises

In many ways, Seele and countless others who forged the Black church’s response to HIV/AIDS laid the foundation for an effective and powerful faith-based response to COVID-19.

10. Letter From Newark: Nyle Fort Corresponds with His Nephew

“I hated that I had to see your face through plexiglass.”

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