Weekly Wrap 7.17.20: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 7.17.20: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week


1. A Teenager Didn’t Do Her Online Schoolwork. So a Judge Sent Her to Juvenile Detention.

'The case may also reflect, some experts and Grace’s mother believe, systemic racial bias.’

2. American Families in Crisis

Families are anxious to hear whether, when, and how schools will reopen. They can’t. And it’s because of a failure of leadership.

3. ‘It Breaks the Heart of God’ Say Faith Leaders on LGBTQ Youth Suicide Rates

'Can we imagine a world where the church is the most supportive place in a trans person's life, rather than the place they fear the most?'

4. Should Churches Be Excluded from Mask Mandates?

Several cities and states across the country allow people to remove their face coverings when they enter a house of worship.

5. ‘Immoral.’ ‘Unnecessary.’ ‘Cruel.’ First Federal Execution in 17 Years Sparks Outcry

Lee was left strapped to the gurney for four hours while the Department of Justice debated the case.

6. There’s Still a Pandemic Happening. It’s OK Not to Please Everyone.

The desire to make others happy can undermine our safety. Don’t let it.

7. Raising Children for a Future We Can’t Quite Imagine

‘I worry my children will be stunted by the solitary nature of our lives.’

8. Rev. C.T. Vivian, Key Civil Rights Leader, Has Died at 95

Vivian began staging sit-ins against segregation in Peoria, Ill., in the 1940s — a dozen years before lunch-counter protests by college students made national news.

9. Better For Whom? The Problem With Increased Taxpayer Funding for Christian Schools

‘I spent a year collecting ethnographic data in a predominantly white, conservative, Christian K-12 school. It troubled me that my tax dollars were being used to support the kinds of teaching and discriminatory admissions practices I witnessed.’

10. On Faith and On Fury

A history of pain and controversy lies beneath the ashes of San Gabriel Mission, which caught fire last weekend.