Weekly Wrap 5.18.18: The Ten Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 5-18-2018

1. Reclaiming Jesus in a Time of Crisis

Not all Christians are being silent. These church leaders drafted a statement because the “soul of the nation is at stake.”

2. Every Bishop in Chile Submits Resignation to Pope Francis

The resignations came in the wake of a three-day summit in Rome to discuss the massive crisis over sexual abuse and abuse of power.

3. Please Stop Calling the Police on Us

“We must stop confining racism solely to malice if we seek to dismantle it. Yes, there are people who intentionally seek to inflict harm and maintain levels of hierarchy based on skin color. However, racism’s enduring nature is a result of its systemic nature — and no one is naturally immune to it.”

4. David Letterman Just Can’t Figure Out Why He Never Had Women Writers

Letterman brought up the topic in an interview with Tina Fey on his new Netflix show — to not great effect. “If in the previous three decades, Letterman had hired greater numbers of diverse writers, he would have transformed the comedy world. He chose not to, and that’s part of his legacy.”

5. PHOTOS: Images from the New Poor People’s Campaign in Washington, D.C.

This week, the Poor People’s Campaign kicked off “40 days of moral action.”

6. Dystopia, Apocalypse, Culture War: 2018 or 1968?

50 years after the world went aflame, The New York Times delves into how those crises continue to reverberate.

7. Jesus Is Not Enough: Christian Teaching Must Also Consider the Current State of the Church

“In some ways, seminary education has allowed anyone with graduate-level competency to mold Jesus into whomever we need or want him to be.”

8. The American Housing Crisis Might Be Our Next Big Political Issue

“There is no greater crisis that, at least in my lifetime, has ever faced our country and not been talked about … And the reasons for that are all about how it is communicated... As soon as you start talking about the nuts and bolts of it, people glaze over.”

9. Scientists Suspect that Someone Is Making a Banned Chemical That Destroys the Ozone Layer

With emissions on the rise, scientists suspect someone is making CFC-11 in defiance of the ban.

10. Yanny vs. Laural Means We’ll All Die Alone

Happy Friday.

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