Weekly Wrap 3.29.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 3-30-2018

1. We Asked One Question at March For Our Lives. Here’s How Kids Answered
Watch this inspiring video, featuring some of the incredible young people at last weekend’s March.

2. How Evangelical Support of Trump Helped Bring Pornography into the Mainstream
“If the court evangelicals are troubled by the fact that the porn industry is getting free publicity every night on the news, they must realize that they are partly to blame.”

In that vein:

3. Reclaiming Jesus from the Trump Evangelicals
'Evangelical' is a word that now needs to be defined carefully, given how much it has been distorted and corrupted by both the media and the behavior of white evangelicals.

4. Remember That Resource Officer Who Shot the School Shooter in Maryland? It Never Happened.
The NRA was touting the story as an example of why more guns in school would keep students safer. But the actual story doesn’t fit that narrative.

5. This Easter, a Group of Muslims in Australia Will Attend Mass — As They Have for the Past 13 Years
“It’s pretty extraordinary because they don’t believe in the resurrection of Jesus. But they’re not expected to be Christian, and we’re not expected to be Muslim. It’s about being respectful of each other’s faiths.”

6. Facebook Is Being Sued for Housing Discrimination, Too
If you’re on the #DeleteFacebook train, here’s another one to add to the list.

7. New Life and Death: Experiencing Pregnancy in Holy Week
“You don’t have to experience pregnancy or childbirth to understand how Jesus could pray that God would let the cup pass from him. But facing my son’s birth, I find a particular solidarity in that prayer.”

8. I Tried to Befriend Nikolas Cruz. He Still Killed My Friends.
“No amount of kindness or compassion alone would have changed the person that Nikolas Cruz is and was, or the horrendous actions he perpetrated. That is a weak excuse for the failures of our school system, our government and our gun laws.”

9. For Abuse Survivors, Custody Remains a Means By Which Their Abusers Can Retain Control
Despite growing evidence that abusers often use custody battles to retain control over their former spouses, Congress is still punting on basic protections for survivors.

10. The Extraordinary Inclusiveness of March For Our Lives
"In the six weeks since the young survivors of Parkland, Florida, jump-started a vibrant new movement for gun control, its leadership has managed to broaden the locus of concern beyond mass shootings at comfortable suburban schools like Marjory Stoneman Douglas, to gun violence in urban neighborhoods as well.”

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