Weekly Wrap 3.17.17: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 3-17-2017

1. The Theology of Suspicion: What ‘Get Out’ Can Teach White Christians

To tell the story of black photographer Chris and his white girlfriend Rose, Get Out director Jordan Peele doesn’t need to venture into the supernatural to dredge up terror: America’s history offers more than enough material.

2. The 1.6 Billion Dollar Hoax

An elaborate hoax based on forged documents escalates the phenomenon of “fake news” and reveals an audience on the left that seems willing to believe virtually any claim that could damage Trump.

3. Jesus Take the Reins

In the fast-growing cowboy church movement, the trappings of traditional worship are eschewed to entice people through the door, dung-covered boots and all.

4. The City of Spies

Chances are, you've already read Atlantic writer Molly Ball’s deep-dive into administration spin, “Kellyanne’s Alternate Universe.” Don’t miss her other in-depth look this week, this time into the “spy paranoia” of Washington, D.C. 

5. Who Is White? Who Is Not?

This stunning infographic (and accompanying article) follows 6 individuals through the 20th century, noting how many times their legal ethnicities were changed to reflect white- or non-whiteness. "Whiteness is and always has been a moving target...based on the political needs and moral panics of any given moment."

6. ‘London Bridge Is Down:’ The Secret Plan for the Days After the Queen’s Death

"The next great rupture in Britain’s national life has, in fact, been planned to the minute. It involves matters of major public importance, will be paid for by us, and is definitely going to happen."

7. A 'Bipartisan Road Trip' From Texas to Washington

What’d you do after the snowstorms this week? These two Texas representatives — Democrat Beto O’Rourke and Republican Will Hurd — decided to drive from San Antonio to Washington, D.C.

8. The Oxford Comma Changed This Court Case Completely

Copy editors rejoice (or take cover) — a Maine labor dispute came down to whether overtime pay was merited for “packing for shipment or distribution of” goods, something dairy drivers don’t do, or “packing for shipment, OR distribution of” goods, something they do. "For want of a comma, we have this case," the judge wrote. And we concur.

9. What It’s Like to Be a Scientist in Congress

A new series from Pacific Standard seeks out the few members of Congress who have doctorates in research-heavy fields, listening to their outlook for science funding and evidence-based policy in America over the next four years.

10. WATCH: This 70-year-old Syrian Man Won't Leave Aleppo Because of His Beloved Vintage Car Collection

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