Weekly Wrap 2.21.20: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 2.21.20: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

For seven decades, India has been held together by its constitution, which promises equality to all. But Narendra Modi’s BJP is remaking the nation into one where some people count as more Indian than others.

2. The Courageous Women of Local 22

Local 22 was a labor union in Winston-Salem, N.C., led by black women fighting for equal pay and equal rights for black workers in the 1940s.

How do you make a difference in a struggle that may never end?

The beautiful thing about beginning to try softer is that it can’t help but spill over into who we are as a larger group of people. Healing births healing.

In 1859, Harriet E. Wilson published a book about life as an indentured servant in New Hampshire. It remains an obscure classic because it challenges white ideals about racism in the North.

Local residents who have lived on the land for decades, if not generations, are the real experts on what is needed and what tools are best.

7. How a White Evangelical Family Could Dismantle Adoption Protections for Native Children

The federal court case could have a sweeping impact on Native families and tribal sovereignty.

Can you imagine showing up at your polling place on Election Day and being turned away because you lacked the proper ID? Or thinking that you are registered, only to find out that your name has been purged from the voting roll?

Elizabeth Montague is the first known African American woman to have a cartoon published in the New Yorker.

Ten years ago, Jews and Christians joined together to publicly declare their solidarity with American Muslims by launching the Shoulder to Shoulder campaign, a national interfaith campaign to end anti-Muslim discrimination and violence.

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