Weekly Wrap 1.24.20: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 1.24.20: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. Rev. Schenck Criticizes Falwell's Call for Pro-Gun Civil Disobedience

The president of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute and Virginia resident countered Falwell’s call for civil disobedience by reinforcing the call for Christians to practice peace.

2. ‘My Gang is Jesus’

Brazil’s evangelicals face the temptations of the drug trade.

3. Evangelicals Love Trump's Praise More than God's

Trump does not repent of his actions but persists in them and excuses them, mocking not only God but also his evangelical supporters.

4. A Critical Review Explaining Controversy Around ‘American Dirt’ Novel

I don’t think Cummins intended to write a novel that would serve a Trumpian agenda but that’s the danger of becoming a messiah.

5. The Unfinished Work of the Civil Rights Movement

The job guarantee was a centerpiece of the civil rights movement’s policy agenda.

6. Pope Francis Replaces Conservative Archbishop of Philadelphia

The Supreme Pontiff told a reporter that it was “an honor that the Americans attack me.”

7. In A Time of Fear, Hate, and Violence — Go Back to Jesus

Let me be clear: If most white Christians support or ignore the dangerous American brand of white nationalism we see rising again, we will lose the authenticity of our faith.

8. Awkwafina and The Trend of Asian American Creatives Using Anti-Blackness To Enter Hollywood

Awkwafina's Golden Globe is framed as a triumph for Asian Americans, but she exploited Black culture to reach this milestone.

9. 'We're All Inextricably Linked and Connected'

Jagmeet Singh is leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party. His campaign to become the country’s next prime minister made international news — in part because of his progressive politics, and in part because of his appearance as a practicing Sikh.

10. I Quit the Priesthood

Len Schreiner couldn’t help falling in love. So he wrote a letter to Pope John Paul II and waited.

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