Weekly Wrap 11.6.15: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

By the Web Editors 11-06-2015

1. The No KXL Miracle

“For seven years, we have been praying for ‘no KXL.’ They said it would take a miracle and a miracle is what God provided.” Things are looking up for creation care...

2. More Than Half of Entire Species of Saigas Gone in Mysterious Die-Off

…But sadly, not everything. Climate change and stormy spring weather may have transformed harmless bacteria carried by these antelopes into lethal pathogens — strong enough to possibly cause species extinction within one year.

3. Humans of New York and the Cavalier Consumption of Others

“Once an arrangement of events, real or invented, organized with the intent of placing a dagger — artistic, intellectual, moral — between the ribs of a listener or reader, a story has lately become a glossier, less thrilling thing: a burst of pathos, a revelation without a veil to pull away.”

4. How Speaking Up ‘On Behalf’ of Others Can Hurt the People You’re Trying to Help

“As a lesbian who is a practicing Roman Catholic, I’d like to be invited to speak on my own behalf about my experience. Jesus spoke from the ‘inside out.’ It’s time we invite others to do the same.”

5. 100 Women Directors Hollywood Should Be Hiring

Studio executives often protest that there simply aren’t enough talented female filmmakers to choose from. They’re wrong … and here are 100 women to get them started.

6. Charles M. Schulz, Civil Rights, and the Previously Unseen Art of Peanuts

Go behind the scenes on your favorite Peanuts characters and their author with these political essays, photographs, and sketches. “If bringing joy to other people is proof of a meaningful existence, then Charles M. Schulz led one of the most meaningful lives of the twentieth century.”

7. Finding the Self in the Selfie

“Is the selfie merely a genre of informal self-portraiture, as old as the camera and as many-sided? Or is it visual crabgrass, covering over and crowding out deeper investigation of who we are?”

8. Next Gen 2015: New 'Star Wars' Stars on Anxiety, Rejection and Sudden Stardom

Q: “As much as most of Star Wars fandom is warm and embracing, there is this strain of ugliness where people are upset that Star Wars has been co-opted by women and people of color. How did you feel when you first heard about it?”

A: “The biggest movement so far is the fact that Star Wars probably beat Hunger Games in presales eight times over. So my question is, how is that little other agenda doing?”

9. How to Apologize

A half-funny, half-eviscerating rundown of all the excuses we can make in an effort to avoid taking responsibility when we've caused hurt. Some of these sound (painfully) familiar … and we bet we’re not alone.

10. All The Times President Obama Lost His Chill Around Kids

Warning: extreme cuteness overload.

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