Weekly Wrap 11.30.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 11.30.18: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. Feds Deport Undocumented Immigrant Whose Church Supporters Went to Jail to Protect Him

Samuel Oliver-Bruno took refuge in a church basement for 11 months until he was detained during an appointment with immigration authorities last week.

2. At Capacity: Weaponizing Inefficiency at the Border

“The asylum process is inefficient, and no one has an incentive to fix it.”

3. How Extreme Weather Is Shrinking the Planet

With wildfires, heat waves, and rising sea levels, large tracts of the earth are at risk of becoming uninhabitable. But the fossil-fuel industry continues its assault on the facts.

4. Missionaries, Asylum Seekers, and the Inconsistency of Borders

“I can’t help but mourn his death, even as I am frustrated and angry at him, and at the Christianity that makes certain bodies martyrable and certain bodies disposable.”

5. An ‘Unruly’ 6-year-old Interrupted a Vatican Ceremony — and Pope Francis Didn’t Mind

"He has something that got me thinking. He is free," Pope Francis said.

6. No, Christians Aren't Inherently 'Better.' Thinking So Is Downright Dangerous

“The concept that Christians are — and should be — ‘better’ than everyone else reinforces an attitude of Manifest Destiny.”

7. Now That I'm Divorced, I'm Never Cooking for a Man Again

Lyz Lenz writes about wanting to feel as unencumbered as a man walking through the door with the expectation that something had been done for him.

8. Kurt Kaiser's Music Changed My Life and Moved a Generation

“For countless youth, it captured what summer camp truly felt like: a sudden feeling of spiritual fullness, that first connection with the Holy Spirit that was yours alone, not fed to you by your parents or Sunday School.”

9. Who Can Afford to Get Pregnant? IVF 'Baby Scholarships' Raise a Class Issue

Private foundations are now helping couples and individuals seeking fertility treatments in a country where IVF costs more than anywhere else on earth.

10. 5 Weeks and Counting: Dutch Church Holds Worship Marathon to Protect Migrant Family

Bethel Church in The Hague is taking advantage of a law that forbids the police from entering a place while a religious service is being held. Help has poured in.