Weekly Wrap 10.4.19: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week | Sojourners

Weekly Wrap 10.4.19: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

1. And Who Is Your Neighbor?

How can so many white Americans, most of whom call Jesus “Lord,” be so disconnected from the meaning and implications of perhaps Christ’s most famous teaching?

2. Opposition to Amazon Synod Spurs New Right-Wing Coalition in Brazil

Its opposition to the Pan-Amazon synod's goals has given a group of conservative Catholic organizations new life as a wedge of the Brazilian president's populist base.

3. Robert Jeffress Goes All In on “Civil War”

The evangelical pastor and Trump loyalist has had quite a week.

4. Miracle: A Love That Lives Beyond Loss

Revelations are supposed to happen on roads. Prophecies on the road from Delphi. Epiphany on the way to Judah. Miracles on the road to Damascus. You don’t expect them to happen on empty highways in East Texas.

5. The Far Right’s Apocalyptic Literary Canon

When Trump tweets about "civil war," he's echoing books about race wars and nationalist coups that a violent fringe has long cherished.

6. India’s Moves in Kashmir Raise Tension in Part Next to China

New tensions are brewing in Ladakh, a remote and picturesque part of that territory that borders China.

7. Gandhi Is Deeply Revered, But His Attitudes On Race And Sex Are Under Scrutiny

He has been called racist, sexist and not manly enough. But the spiritual and political leader — who would have turned 150 on Wednesday — is deeply revered in India and around the world

8. Supreme Court Eyes Abortion Challenges Ahead of 2020

As the Supreme Court justices prepare to take their seats next week to start a new term, they will meet behind closed doors Tuesday to discuss how they'll handle one of the most explosive issues running into the 2020 election: Abortion

9. Lilly Singh's Late-Night Show Is No Victory for All Women of Color

From Lilly Singh to Awkwafina, entertainers of color continue to build platforms for themselves at the expense of Blackness.

10. Choose the Fattest Brown Bear in Katmai National Park, Alaska

The park’s brown bears have been eating nonstop. Good.

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