We Must Ask Moral Questions About Our Oil Addiction (Part II) | Sojourners

We Must Ask Moral Questions About Our Oil Addiction (Part II)

Yesterday, I asked some moral questions about our oil addiction. Today, I'd like to suggest some steps for moving away from our oil addiction.

Let's assess our situation: Some estimates suggest that 100,000 barrels of oil per day are streaming out into the Gulf; half the world's wetlands were destroyed in the 20th century; 90 percent of our big ocean fish are now gone; we continue polluting our rivers, lakes, and streams while they are getting dangerously warmer and evaporating; the global mining industry and industrial agriculture are sucking our ground water and aquifers dry; whole mountaintops in Appalachia are being removed for their coal; tens of thousands of people are losing their homes; the world's economies are beginning to collapse; America is addicted to entering perpetually immoral wars fueled by our war industrial complex; the global climate is changing because of our immoral practices and our world has never faced a greater threat than it does today. I could go on