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WATCH: Stephen Colbert on Why He's a Christian

In a sneak peek at an upcoming interview, Stephen Colbert discusses his faith with surprising frankness.

The new host of Late Night sat down with Father Thomas Rosica, media attaché to the Holy See Press Office and CEO of Salt and Light Television.

The Daily Beast, which got a preview, calls the extensive exclusive interview "at times hysterically funny and profoundly serious." According to the outlet, the interview will air in full on Rosica's interview program Witness on Sept. 13.

In the clip below, Colbert speaks about reason, faith, and why he believes in God.

"Faith ultimately can't be argued; faith has to be felt," Colbert says.

"Logic itself will not lead me to God, but my love of the world and my gratitude to it will."


Read the full article from The Daily Beast here.

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