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Trump Administration Proposes Major Cuts for Civil Rights Programs

The Trump administration is proposing a plan that would lead to major cuts to government programs that promote civil rights, according to the Washington Post.

The plan involves dissolving the Labor Department Division that oversees discrimination among federal contractors. This specific division has existed for four decades. 

In the name of cutting costs, this plan would merge the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs with another government agency. These cuts compound the administration's previous moves to lessen the role of government in fighting discrimination

The new Environmental Protection Agency leadership has proposed dismantling the environmental justice program that directly concentrates on pollution threats specifically in minority communities.

The Education Department's Office of Civil Rights would face significant staffing cuts. This department, which investigates allegations of racial discrimination, harassment, and sexual assault in school districts, would have fewer funds to carry out investigations for issues in schools and colleges. There are currently 334 open Title IX sexual assault investigations.

The Washington Post also reports that this administration has also cut back on Obama era LGBTQ protections — especially within the transgender communities. 

Even through these major cuts, the Trump administration continues to say that civil rights remain a priority for the Trump White House. 

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