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Top 10 Reasons to Support Sojourners This Year

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As part of our extended Sojourners community, we want you to know how important your donations are to supporting our prophetic work for faith in action for social justice. Click here to make a donation now and read on to learn about how you’re helping us to make an impact!

1. Because the future church isn’t going to lead itself: Sojourners is working around the clock to make sure that those who will be leading the church in 2050 are equipped today. Every year, we print hundreds of articles by 10 yearlong interns and our cohort of 17 Emerging Voices, helping them find their voice and analyze issues of justice. Who do you want leading the church that your children, or your grandchildren, will be attending? We thought so: leaders who apply justice to faith are crucial for the next generation.

2. Because 3 million readers is still only one percent of the U.S. population: Sojourners reaches an extraordinary number of people each year – but we need to expand our message. In 2015 Sojourners magazine reached 65,000 readers and received more than 30 awards for outstanding content and design. alone reached more than 3 million people! We reached more than 153,000 users on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and additional news coverage surpassed 60 million. Your support can help us expand ever outward next year.

3. Because even justice movements need bridge-builders. Time and again, Sojourners has proved to be a critical link in diverse movements for justice. Our bridge-building has forged links between right and left on issues ranging from immigration to climate change to poverty. If we want to make change, we need a space to work together – and Sojourners provides that.

4. Because politicians are WAY too ready to forget the poor. Ask any politician who they are working for, and they’ll tell you: They are ready to fight for the middle class. At Sojourners, we ask ourselves: Who is fighting for those living in poverty in the United States? As part of our work in the Circle of Protection, we’ve gotten video evidence of nearly every political candidate outlining their plan to address poverty. You can bet we’ll hold them to it once the election is over.

5. Because sexism is alive and well – even in the church. We know this instinctively, so why don’t we say it? Women in the church don’t just face a “stained glass ceiling” that prevents them from expressing their gifts and callings; too often, they’re not even safe within our church communities. How many pastors are there telling women facing abuse that they cannot leave their husbands? We’re working to change that by pushing seminaries to train pastors on how to respond to domestic violence and lift up and strengthen women’s leadership in the church.

6. Because climate change is a sin. God gave our planet to us to steward and keep – but sometimes it seems like we’re all to ready to pitch it in the trash and meet our maker ahead of schedule. At Sojourners, we push tirelessly to remind Christians across the country that climate change isn’t an issue of science; it’s an issue of justice that affects the poor first, and so if we claim to follow Jesus, we need to do something about it.

7. Because our fellow Christians are sometimes all too ready to spread hate. You know the ones – the statements that make your mouth drop open because you can’t believe a respected Christian leader would say something so outrageous. Whether our sisters and brothers are advocating carrying guns to shoot “those Muslims” or claiming police violence is the fault of the victims, Sojourners is ready to respond and lift up the message that Christianity is not about hate – it’s about looking for the image of God in all of God’s children. Simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s a lesson we need to repeat time and again.

8. Because surprising alliances are the best way forward. At our annual leadership Summit, we’ve seen the president of the World Bank on stage with Jim Wallis addressing the need to fight poverty for the sake of the Gospel. We’ve seen the CEO of a huge corporation team up with farmworkers to present on the minimum wage. The Summit is a time for a diverse group of select leaders to come together to create innovative solutions to our toughest problems – and we intend to keep bringing on the surprises in years to come.

9. Because the truth is still controversial, even 45 years later. Twenty-eight years ago, Jim Wallis wrote his most controversial statement in our history: "The United States of America was established as a white society, founded upon the near genocide of another race and then the enslavement of yet another” in his cover story “America’s Original Sin.” As the past few years have proven, that’s as true today as it was then. Jim’s new book, America’s Original Sin, will help Christians across the country grapple with the horrors of our history, the racial inequality of our present, and options and actions for a better future.

10. Because we need your support to make this all happen. We know you love Sojourners – that’s why you’re reading this list, right? So put your money where your heart is. Financial support of Sojourners is a tangible expression of your partnership in Sojourners’ extended community. By donating to support Sojourners, you’ll be living into our prophetic call to put faith into action for social justice. Donating is easy and you can do it by clicking here!

And here’s one more just for bonus!

11. Because where else do you find cat photos , sci-fi reviews, social justice pumpkins, and a side helping of Stephen Colbert on the same site you trust for the everyday work of justice? We’re Sojourners, and we’re where you come for faith, politics, and culture.

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