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Toledo and the Power of Love

A house of worship in Ohio was hit by an arsonist this weekend, causing an estimated million dollars in damage. Services were rescheduled, members toured the building to see the destruction, and statements were made. The religious community felt targeted and was afraid of future attacks.

The fact that the space in question was the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo should not change our outrage. As Christians, we need to stand for religious liberty for people of all faiths. We need to love our neighbors and speak out against hate.

Soon after this weekend’s attack was made public, we put a plan into action to demonstrate our solidarity. As we have done in Missouri, Tennessee, and New York, we will be offering a simple, biblical message: “Love your Muslim neighbors.”

We have seen the wave of attacks against religious minorities in our country. We see what they are going through, and now we have to respond. When hatred continues, our love must do so, as well.

You can help us bring this message to Toledo the way we have been across the country. Together, we can make sure that our communities are a safe space for all people.

Janelle Tupper is Campaigns Assistant for Sojourners.