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In Remembrance of Gordon Cosby

Photo reel of Gordon Cosby. Sojourners file photo.

Last Wednesday morning, the Sojourners community lost an extraordinary friend with the passing of Gordon Cosby. In his tribute, Jim Wallis offers a beautiful remembrance of this man whose vision and faithfulness touched so many lives:

"Gordon Cosby never needed or wanted to be out front or become a famous public figure. He could have spoken across the country, and was often invited to do so. But he instead decided that his own vocation was to stay with a relatively small group of people trying to “be the church” in Washington, D.C.: the Church of the Savior, which has produced more missions and ministries, especially with the poor, than any church I know of anywhere in the country—even the huge megachurches who capture all the fame. He never wrote a book, went on television, talked to presidents, planted churches, built national movements, or traveled around the world. He just inspired everybody else to do all those things and much more. And the world came to him.''

In honor of the life and witness of this beloved brother of Christ, we offer this roundup of stories written by and about Gordon Cosby and his wife Mary.

Elaina Ramsey is assistant editor of Sojourners magazine.