What Happens Next?

Quinter, KS
United States

Our family had health insurance through my workplace until my job was unexpectedly terminated after my having health issues. I was later able to get disability, but my husband and high school aged daughter were left uninsured after the subsidized COBRA expired. They were both denied coverage from multiple companies. My husband has a heart irregularity that cannot be corrected, my daughter had experienced a fractured femur and had mentioned acne on a doctor visit. She didn't even receive prescription meds for it, but that was a reason to deny her health insurance.

Since ACA, my husband has been able to receive insurance coverage. My daughter has had other options since graduating.

Yes, our premiums have increased; yes, it is confusing trying to figure out what plan is best; yes, there are things that could be improved, but, bottom line, he has coverage for things that we could not pay for otherwise. Unfortunately, he has other health issues now that would qualify as pre-existing conditions too.

The idea to repeal the ACA without having anything else in place scares me to pieces. Will my husband lose all coverage? He is in the process of testing for some health issues that we cannot afford if he has no coverage. What then? Very concerned!