Our Country Is Great Enough to Be Humane to Its People

Cynthia Barski
Powell, WY
United States

I am in my early 60s, so not old enough quite yet for Medicare. I worry about what coverage will be available when I do qualify and what our insurance will cover until then. I have a few autoimmune disorders and am not in very good health. I plan to work one more year before I retire. When I do I pray that I can afford to get the rotator cuff surgery that I have put off the last few years. My shoulder is in constant pain and now I also need my 3rd back surgery. We have good insurance now but the price is getting high since my husband retired a few years ago. Because of all my medical conditions I need several prescription medications. Between the meds and weekly physical therapy I keep going. My conditions also require frequent doctor visits to specialists and lab work on a regular basis.

I have worked for over 35 years and would like to be able to afford to be in good enough health to enjoy retirement. Without my husband decent medical insurance we would have been in a deep dark hole of debt, one of the many families that can't afford medical help, going to the emergency room when things get too bad. Then the debt having to be written off or paying monthly for years.

Decent affordable health care should be available to every American citizen! Our country is great enough to be humane to its people. Don't throw folks like me with pre existing conditions under the bus! Don't make insurance unaffordable to my grown daughters and grandchildren!