My Son Has Been Fighting Battles Since He Was Tiny. Access to Healthcare Shouldn't Be One of Them.

United States

My son started having serious health complications just two months after birth. He has struggled for six years now with multiple, chronic health issues. Prior to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, my son was considered "too risky" for insurance purposes — our family was part of the very highest risk tier and our insurance bills were nearly what our mortgage was!

While he was covered on our health insurance, I worried about the day that would come when he couldn't be covered under our plan anymore and could be denied coverage due to his preexisting conditions. Things he had no control over. Battles he's fought since he was tiny. The ACA changed all of that. We have affordable health care that is comprehensive. Under the ACA, my son can not be denied insurance for his conditions. My son is a fighter. He is more brave than anyone I have ever met. The idea that he will have to fight not just his health battles, but if ACA is repealed, for any real insurance coverage breaks my heart.

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