My Son Has Been Clean for Almost 4 Years with Help of the ACA

ACA helped my son get sober. Our son got addicted to prescription opioids when he was a college freshman. Within a couple of years he became addicted to heroin. He was addicted to heroin for several years and went into a number of recovery centers. By the time he came out of the last detox/recovery facility, he was 26 and had to be dropped off our insurance policy. He succumbed to heroin again and this time he was on his own to get help. He wanted desperately to get clean. His life was a cauldron of misery. He finally found a clinic that enrolled him in their program that included detox, diet, therapy, massage, weekly drug tests, case management, and suboxone.

In order to afford this program, he had to have health insurance. He was working part-time as a waiter while going to school and he didn't have insurance. He was making too much to be on Medicaid. This state participated in Medicaid Expansion under ACA, so my son enrolled in the program. He was one of the many first-time enrollees. His coverage helped him stay in the recovery program. My son has been clean for almost 4 years with help from ACA. He graduated from university this past December!