My Mom Was Uninsured for Years Before the ACA

Garnavillo, IA
United States

Much of my immediate family is fortunate to have health care through work or government positions. I am a pastor, so my husband, son, and step-son are all covered under our denomination's health provider.

My dad is a Vietnam veteran and my sister is a nurse in the VA system. But, my mom was uninsured for years until the ACA.

My mom does important work and works long hours. She is the legal advocate for the local domestic abuse/sexual assault organization. This past fall, she was even given an award for excellence & dedication in her work by the state of Wisconsin's corrections association. My mom works hard even though the odds are stacked against them, since state and federal funding continues to be cut for their organization. And, without the ACA or an appropriate equivalent, my mom will go back to not having health insurance. She cannot afford health care without the ACA. My parents lived without a stove and oven for over a year, because theirs quit & they can't afford to replace it.

I recognize that our health care system is broken, but I do not think repealing ACA is the answer. Health care was broken before the ACA. The ACA was a positive step in the right direction, but there is still work to be done.