My Heart Is Broken for My Daughter

Carrie Kuba
Camas, WA
United States

On Jan. 11, the Senate began dismantling the ACA — starting with those with pre-existing conditions and lifting the coverage of "kids" under their parents, which was so graciously set for up to age 26.

This DIRECTLY affects our family.

This DIRECTLY affects our Bella.
If this is all dismantled, Bella will be UNINSURABLE by the time she is 18.

By the time she is in her mid-thirties, she will need another kidney transplant, which if it is anything like the last one, will cost upwards of $1 million.

It took 8 years to get even a sliver of what was intended for a health care overhaul implemented — the reason it is not what it could be is because those in Congress who put their own interests ahead of those of whom they serve refused to compromise. I understand if you do not want to believe me, but let's just say I do the research on this particular issue all the time because it does directly affect our daily life.

And we have experienced medical bankruptcy before. Why? Because we chose to NOT take the advice given to us, which was for Martin to quit his job so that, in our case, we could then take advantage of the system and put the burden on the hospital and the state to support our family, basically.

Yes, there is always more to it than one story. Yes, I understand it is difficult and hardship has also been created. AND no one can convince me that repealing the ACA is the right thing to do. We need to move forward.

And my heart is broken for my daughter. And our family. And the many, many, many other families and individuals who will be directly affected as well.