This Is a Moral Crisis

Pittsburgh, PA
United States

At 40, breast cancer. At 45, leukemia (from the chemo for breast cancer). My mother and I have a genetic predisposition for certain cancers, and she has had ovarian cancer.

If it weren't for affordable insurance, and the "pre-existing condition" clause of ACA that insures we are covered, we would probably both be dead.

I'm now 53, and don't want my 19-year-old to be tested for BRCA because I fear that having such a label may keep her from affordable health insurance if the proposed Senate plan is passed. If it does pass, I am afraid that many people will be forced to make some very tough decisions, and many will simply not be able to afford the care that they need. This is a moral crisis, when our leaders care nothing for the "least of these" and instead boost the advantages of the "already advantaged."