Moms Often Feel Vulnerable. But This Level of Exposure Is Like None Other.

My daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis when she was 3. We lived in Texas and Her dad was a preacher for a small church and I worked part time at a bank. Fortunately, we were insured through my bank job as they allowed part time employees to have Insurance, although my take home pay was very little at the end of the day, it was worth it.

We moved to Oklahoma for a church. I didn't have a job and we thought we'd just buy private insurance. What we didn't know was this "preexisting condition" lingo. I was soon buried under a mountain of files. For each company I had the application, rejections, appeals, and doctor appeals. We'd even request that she be covered for everything except the arthritis, so I could take her to the doctor for ear infections and fevers — normal kid things. Nope. Nobody would cover her.

"Apply to the high-risk pool that the state offers," was a common refrain. That would have cost over $800 for just her, and we didn't qualify since we hadn't lived in the state for 12 months.

On 1/12/2008 my daughter was officially uninsured.

Thank god that I found a similar denomination that was opening up their group coverage to similar denominations. It was through them that my caught finally was covered again. Since then her dad left ministry and we divorced. My daughters have remained on Medicaid. My daughter's medical bills are easily over $10,000 a month. If we lose this coverage, I don't know what we'll do. I work full time and have insurance through my job, and may be able to add the kids. But, there's talk of doing away with the preexisting condition assistance. I don't know that our insurance company will take her. I am so scared.

As moms we often feel vulnerable. But this level of exposure and vulnerability is like none other. Help.