It’s Our Duty to Take Care of the Vulnerable in Our Society

Ben Hur, VA
United States

I work as a mental health skills building counselor. I have insurance through my employer. It's decent insurance and affordable. I'm fairly healthy even though I'm a little on the chunky side. I'm worried that the AHCA will affect my insurance. I have a preexisting condition that other insurance would not cover, if this bill is passed I wonder if I'll still be covered.

I'm also a caregiver to family members. They all have Medicare and Medicaid; without these they could not get the services they need. They all have significant health problems and cannot afford to buy insurance. My job could also be affected since Medicare and Medicaid pays for the mental health services the company provides. Due to changes in insurance, employees of the company have already seen their hours cut and individuals have lost services they desperately need. If Medicaid is slashed more then people with severe mental illnesses who need support might be without any help, and I and others in the company could possibly lose their jobs. It would be a vicious circle.

I believe it's our duty to take care of the vulnerable in our society. I just wish some members of Congress thought that as well.