It is a crime that our nation's health care costs too much

Denver, CO
United States

I have stage 4 colon cancer and my wife is a teacher. We don't get any breaks on our health care even though we spend 20% of our family income on health care each year. If we had not purchased our house 10 years ago we would not be able to afford housing in Denver. Right now we rely on help from our parents. Even with "affordable care". Health care is not affordable. If we had a universal health care system we would be paying 10x less. It is a crime that our nations health care costs to much. Our story really shows how unaffordable health care can be! This year because my wife switched school districts, we ended up paying our out of pocket max three times. So we have spent half our family income on health care. It is unbelievable! So stressful on a family when you are already so stressed from havin cancer.