I Wish I Had Choices

United States

I recently retired and lost my employer subsidized health insurance. I am 62 years old and in excellent health. I looked at plans from the ACA and purchased a bronze plan. The cost is $360 per month with a $5K deductible. I get NO subsidy to help pay for this. If I go to the hospital, I will quickly need $5K to cover my deductible before my insurance will start to pay. If I choose not to buy this insurance, my penalty would be about the same cost as the insurance. So, for $4,320 a year, I do get one wellness visit, a flu shot and a mammogram (I have had 4 so far, every other year and no cancer, so I won't get more breast radiation even if it is free). I guess I can rest assured though, IF I somehow have a need, AFTER I pay the HUGE deductible, I may actually benefit from this costly policy. I don't know the answer that will make everyone happy, I just wish I had a choice to NOT buy insurance and NOT pay a penalty.