I Want To Be a Part of a Movement That Brings Change

Jonathan Wallace
Lafayette, CO
United States

We are blessed in so many ways. Blessed with a good job that pays well, with a wife and 3 beautiful kids. Especially blessed with perfect health until 3 years ago. We always had cheap insurance, and never really cared much about healthcare or "pre-existing conditions." In 2010, insurance prices started going up at the same time we had our first kid. When the ACA website, Colorado Health Exchange, started working in 2014, we logged on to try to get healthcare. With a perfect health history, 2 kids and modest income, the best plan we qualified for was $10,000 per year for a $10,000 deductible = $20,000/yr before we get any medical assistance. That was a joke.

We found Medi-share, which is a Christian health sharing plan, and it has been pretty good. It is significanly more affordable than that, but...

We just had a third baby — 1 day after having the baby, the hospital called us at the hospital to tell us they wouldn't work with medi-share and that we are responsible for the $23,000 medical bill they plan to send ... I'm still trying to work this all out, and we'll be okay, but I can't imagine how people with less income or more health issues deal with this stuff.

The medical insurance world — something major is messed up. That is undeniable. I don't think the ACA fixed it, but, think it was a step in the right direction. I feel like this new plan does nothing to address the real problem. I hear nothing being discussed about what is wrong with the medical billing and insurance industry, how can 3 stitches in my thumb cost $3,500. how can a normal delivery cost $23,000. How can 4 tamaflu pills cost $200.

Anyways, it all leads me to put my trust in God as my provider. He has and will take care of me and my family. I am blessed. I do want to be a part of a movement that brings change, that takes out the greed that is built into this system, and makes it so that we can take care of those in need.