I Have No Patience for People Who Disregard My Son's Life

Rev. Elizabeth Grasham
Houston, TX
United States

In 2011, my family had medical insurance through my then-husband. But in 2011, he went to jail and I had to purchase health insurance for myself and my son. My son was born with a defect that required surgery when he was less than 72 hours old. He has a "pre-existing condition." If the ACA (Obamacare) hadn't already been signed into law, I wouldn't have been able to purchase insurance for him.

Without that insurance, I would have lost everything to medical debt-collections. Without that insurance, my son might have died for lack of care which included several emergency room visits for complications due to his surgery.

Suffice it to say, I cried tears of relief when the SCOTUS ruled the ACA constitutional.

I'm remarried now, and luckily my son's insurance is covered by my husband who is a veteran of the U.S. military and provided medical care through the VA. God forbid anything ever happens to him, because if it did? Thanks to Congress trying to repeal the ACA without having any replacement ready, my son would be denied medical coverage. I might be too, because I've been pregnant before and that used to be a common reason for health insurance companies to deny coverage.

So, if you're feeling happy about the Senate passing the "repeal-the-ACA-law," which nullifies the protections extended to folks who have pre-existing conditions? Keep it to yourself. I've got no patience left for people who disregard the real danger to my son's life and wellbeing that repealing the ACA represents.