I Can't Believe the Country I Love So Much Is Willing to Let Me Die

Tamara Kincaid

Six years ago, following emergency surgery, I just never recovered. Since then, I have become totally disabled. I walk with a cane, as I have a neuromuscular disorder, two autoimmune diseases, and chronic fatigue and chronic pain. I also live with chronic depression and PTSD due to earlier abuse and trauma. In 2014, I had a heart attack. I had a second heart attack two months ago, and I have been diagnosed with Microvascular Cardiac Disease. My cardiologists have told me my life expectancy is now measured in years, not decades.

When the ACA went into effect, I was finally able to get treatment for all my health conditions, including pre-existing conditions and mental illness. When my partner was laid off a year ago, I was able to keep insurance because of the Medicaid expansion.

With the actions of the GOP, I will lose the coverage for pre-existing conditions, as well as my insurance, since I can't afford to buy insurance. Without insurance and treatment, I face at best a severely limited lifetime. More realistically, without treatment I will probably die within two years.

I can't believe the country I love so much is now willing to let me, and millions of people like me, die so that the GOP can have a victory.