Breast Cancer Will Strike 1 in 8 Women in Their Lifetime

Allison Prendergast
New Orleans, LA
United States

On 12/26/14, I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.

The tumor was tiny & caught early. In 2015, lumpectomy, chemo & radiation totaled $398,000. A single chemo cost $63,000. I was fortunate to have employer insurance through my husband and have ACA in place, so I was protected against annual caps and lifetime limits.

This type of cancer is long recurring; it can return 20 years from now. What if it comes back?

My husband is close to retirement age. What type of insurance will cover me?

I now have a pre-existing condition. Will I be placed in a high-risk pool?

I’m 54. My premiums under ACHA could be ~ $25,000/year. Who can afford that?

Breast cancer will strike one in eight U.S. women in their lifetime. If not you, then a sister, wife, cousin, girlfriend, mother. It’s expensive to treat but with health care it can be caught early with an excellent prognosis. But without treatment ... it’s a scary prognosis.

Simply put, health care means LIFE. So, why does the party that claims to be pro-life want to take away LIFE-GIVING care from millions on both the individual and employer-markets? And why do they want to do it in secret, behind closed doors, with no public input?