The ACA Has Saved Our Family in Substantial Ways

Michael McHarg
Wilson, NC
United States

I'm a third-generation ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and own two small businesses that promote and support other local businesses in eastern N.C.

My family and I have never been part of a group insurance pool, but have always had to purchase individual insurance at retail pricing. My family of 5 lived without health insurance for almost a decade, as it was too expensive to sustain our household. It was a difficult decision each month, deciding how to pay out-of-pocket for our medical needs, and choosing to forego routine healthcare because of the expense. The ACA has saved our family in substantial ways. We are now able to seek routine and preventative healthcare, and support our family.

Before the ACA our choices were extremely limited and unhealthy. The ACA has allowed us to affordably receive care. WE DO NOT SUPPORT THE REPEAL OR REPLACEMENT OF THE ACA.