1 Percent Get Tax Breaks. We Get To Plan How We’re Going to Survive

Marcia Nelson
Epping, NH
United States

For 25 years, we had great insurance through my husband's employer. In 2015 we heard devastating news the mill was moving out of state. We weren't too scared; we planned on finding work. He had good references and experience. Then October 14, 2016, he had a massive heart attack, collapsed, and was rushed to the hospital. Our insurance was still good, thank goodness. But while recuperating he recieved the letter. The mill closed; our insurance gone

January 31, 2017: We have had to forgo appointments. We have $150 a month in meds. I was diagnosed with Graves' disease; my thyroid doctor is $300 a visit. My copays used to be $25. One of my husband's meds was $389, but they took him off of that for a med that cost much less. Neither of us can pay full doctors visits.

NOW we probably will be unisurable. We won't be able to afford it. I work as a bus driver with limited benefits. He's unemployed. We're unisnsured. We are terrified. And the security of our future is frightening.

Republicans have created death panels. Insurance companies will get richer ... CEOs will get pay increases. One percent get tax breaks. We get to plan how were going to survive. We might not.