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A Prayer for My LGBTQ Kin

Rev. Megan Rohrer is the bishop of the Sierra Pacific Synod in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the first transgender bishop in a mainline Christian denomination. We asked them to write a prayer and blessing for LGBTQ Christians. The editors

Shepherding God,

Be palpably present with us when we dance,
                                                                        and enjoy the sensations
                                                                             of the creation you declare good.

Help us to name, define, redefine, deconstruct, claim, and properly pronoun our fabulousness. We commit to properly naming and pronouning the fabulousness of others.

Dwell with us,
     both when we are able to articulate our pride for ourselves and others
     and when we get stuck in a cacophony of negativity, bodily shame, or unjust laws.

When we are tired, weary, and exhausted,
     grant us the rest and renewal we need to keep on marching, advocating, and living openly.

When we have all that we need to live fully,
     help us to share with others who lack.

And when it feels like time is moving too slow,
     or change is not possible,
     take the lead
     block the wind
     refresh our hearts
     distract us with passionate love
     give us purposeful work
     anything that helps those on the edge to choose life
          to get through the month, the week, or the hour
          to move time a bit closer
               to the safety, acceptance, and love we all need and deserve.

When we cannot hear you,
     scream louder,
     love more tangibly
     silence violent voices of opposition
     whip advocates into a frenzy
     fill us with memories of times when we felt closer to you
     and love us anyway
          as we were
          as we are
          as we are becoming
          as we wish we could be in a safer time and place
          as you know us
          as we seek to know ourselves.

Remind us of the victories our ancestors won,
     with their storytelling and coming out,
     with their lobbying and work from the inside,
     with bricks and sugar shakers thrown through windows of oppression

Help us to live and act with bravery,
     working within and without,
     educating ourselves and those around us,
     so that we can do the work generations to come need us to do.

Stir up our hearts,
     so that we always remain on our tiptoes
     looking for additional ways
     we can remove the barriers unjustly placed in front of our LGBTQ kin,
     especially those embodying multiple intersectional identities.

Make us plumbers,
     capable of unclogging all the places
     where the ever-flowing stream of justice has been dammed up or clogged.

Shepherding God,

Be palpably present with us when we dance,
                                                                      and enjoy the sensations
                                                                            of the creation you declare good.


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