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By the Web Editors 10-28-2011

THE NATION: Where Are The Women At Occupy Wall Street? Everywhere-And They're Not Going Away

"Where my feminists at?" read a sign propped against a bench at the entrance to Zuccotti Park on Thursday night as a General Assembly meeting began to echo over the human microphone.

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ONE: ONE Act A Week: Test Your Global Hunger Knowledge

For this week's ONE Act, we'd like for you to take this global hunger quiz. It's a little harder than the famine quiz we gave you a few weeks ago, and you won't find the answers as easily on ONE's website.

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THE NATION: Race And Occupy Wall Street

The incident is well-known now. When civil rights hero Representative John Lewis asked to address Occupy Atlanta, the activists' consensus process produced a decision not to let him speak. For many, the denial was a damning answer to a question that had arisen since the earliest, overwhelmingly white occupiers first took over Zuccotti Park: Is Occupy Wall Street diverse enough?

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THE HUFFINGTON POST: Poverty In Your Backyard

Yet more numbing news about the breadth and depth of the impoverished in America, a cohort whose numbers have skyrocketed as a consequence of the Great Recession. An article in the New York Times profiles how profoundly poverty is spreading beyond inner city and rural communities which most Americans associate with the poor.

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THE NATION: How To Be A 1 Percenter

One of the chief complaints emerging from the 99 percenters camped in New York City and around the world is the sense that the top 1 percent have gotten away with something-that no amount of malfeasance on their part could endanger their status.

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BIG GOVERNMENT: #Occupywallst To March On Banks

Occupy Wall Street protesters will march to five banks in Manhattan on Friday and deliver thousands of letters to the companies - in the form of a "mass paper airplane throwing." According to the movement's website, at 1 p.m., protesters will meet midtown at Bryant Park and march to the headquarters of Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase.

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THE HUFFINGTON POST: Mitt Romney Embraces Climate Denial: 'We Don't Know What's Causing Climate Change'

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney broke with Republican orthodoxy this summer, telling a crowd in Manchester, N.H., that humans are at least somewhat responsible for climate change. Now he's reversing his position, arguing "we don't know what's causing climate change."

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RELIGION NEWS SERVICE: Magicians Say Their Craft Makes Them See Faith as Just Hocus-Pocus
Magician Penn Jillette and his shorter, quieter partner Raymond Teller have mystified audiences around the world with their card tricks and other illusions that would make even Harry Houdini proud. With a Showtime TV series that seeks to disprove supernatural beliefs, including religious ones, the duo have long been a public face of atheism and skepticism.
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WASHINGTON POST: Catholic University is sued over Muslim students' rights
A George Washington University law professor who filed a human rights complaint against Catholic University this summer when it eliminated coed dorm floors has filed a second complaint against the school, saying the rights of Muslim students are being violated.

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WASHINGTON POST: Faith, political leaders find out how far food stamps go
Religious leaders and members of Congress this week are getting a firsthand taste of what it's like to eat on $4.50 a day as part of the "Food Stamp Challenge."

In the challenge, participants try to live for a week on the average amount received by people who use food stamps, now known as the federal Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP).
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